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Terms of Order and Service

Terms of the "Total Satisfaction" Service

  • Dominos Pizza is a company that provides 30-minute delivery guarantees
  • In order to get benefit of the bill and the credit card slip must be handed to the regarding delivery personnel.
  • Domino's Pizza reserves the right to terminate the "Total Satisfaction" service without prior notice.
  • Domino's Pizza does not penalize its chefs and delivery personnel financially or in any other way for returned pizzas.
  • You can benefit from the "Total Satisfaction" service in take-away as take-away or home delivery as home delivery.
  • In order to benefit from "Total Satisfaction”the customer shall inform restaurant or courier within 60 minutes of delivery. Late applications will not be refunded.
  • The SERVİSE will be from day after order and till date which written in certificate.
  • One customer may benefit from this service twice at maximum.

Terms of the "30 Minute Delivery or Free Pizza" Promotion

  • Domino's Pizza is the only company making a 30 minutes delivery commitment while actually fulfilling this commitment.
  • 30 Minutes or Free guarantee only applies to the given restaurant's area of delivery.We have limited service areas for the safety of our driver couriers and quality of pizzas
  • There is no 30 minute delivery guarantee in bulk orders (5 pizzas or more).
  • Domino's Pizza does not penalize its delivery personnel financially or otherwise for deliveries exceeding 30 minutes.
  • Domino's Pizza reserves the right to terminate the "30 Minutes or Free Pizza" guarantee without prior notice.
  • In order to get benefit of the bill and the credit card slip must be handed to the regarding delivery person and customer should ask courier free pizza coupon
  • 30 Minutes or Free Pizza guarantee might not apply to MEGAWEEK days, adverse weather conditions or the late night delivery between 02:00-05:00. The customer will be notified during order.
  • In places, such as hospitals, schools, business centers or apartment complexes, 30 Minutes delivery guarantee applies to the Security or Information Desk.
  • In cases of mistakes in the address and information given (wrong street name/building number, etc.), 30 Minutes delivery guarantee does not apply.
  • Free pizza not applied for “premium pizza”

Terms of Order

  • Our delivery promotion only applies to the restaurant's 30 minute delivery area.
  • Our areas of delivery are restricted for the traffic safety of our delivery personnel.
  • Our prices are in AZN including VAT.
  • We accept credit cards.
  • Domino's Pizza reserves the right to change prices and promotions.
  • Our delivery hours are 10:00-02:00h. You can learn about the restaurants that take orders until 05:00h at your nearest restaurant or by calling us on *6600.
  • The minimum amount of order for delivery is 8.90 AZN.
  • Promotions cannot be combined nor apply to budget menus.
  • Promotions are valid until the date of expiration.
  • Our prices are recommended retail prices of Domino's Pizza.